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DIY Learning!

Freedom to fail. Studies show that creative risk taking cultivates innovation. At FLY we know that the next generation of great thinkers need to know how to solve challenges, large and small— to benefit individuals, families, communities, and the world! Our work with kids provides experience, insight and freedom to learn how to problem solve. Learn more.

You say it's your birthday?

Celebrate at FLY! Host a party that brings everyone together as they use their hands, and their brains, to create something unique and wonderful.  Book your party today!

Explore the Creative Universe!

Kids approach the world with curiosity. The Creative Universe series explores the ways that art, science, history, technology (and more) are entwined. Come spend your Saturday mornings with us! Learn more.

Upcoming events

Make a mobile. Build a circuit. Get comfy with creating.

Art and design are entwined with science, history, storytelling, movement, technology and more. At FLY, we want kids to get comfortable with creating— knowing how to be curious, acquire new skills of all kinds, and then use them in wild and inventive ways. We want to build the kind of experiences that build the creative confidence that kids need to thrive. Todays creative thinking kids are the ones who will be empowered to make their lives, their towns—and the whole world—better.

Our secret agenda.

We believe that every kid deserves rich creative experiences beyond the school day. Though there are many excellent arts opportunities for kids in Washtenaw County, access to public transportation and high cost are significant barriers for many families. And yet, studies show that arts education provides at-risk kids with better academic outcomes, higher civic engagement, and higher career goals. At FLY, we strive to keep the arts accessible, and visible, in our community because giving all kids the tools to develop creative muscle is the smart thing to do.

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